Year: 2021

Best Practices for a Before and After Videos

Before and after videos are an important part of the marketing industry. It gives your audience a clearer understanding of what your product or service can do for them. Before and after photos are common, but before and after videos are becoming increasingly popular as a dynamic alternative. Applying the…
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Best Ways to Show Your Brand with Videos

When it comes to attracting prospective customers, there are few methods better to let an audience understand your brand than video. Used effectively, the video will not only establish what sets your brand apart but encourage relationships with your audience through its engagement. As nearly eight out of ten people…
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Animation and When to Use for Your Business

Over half of the population, nearly 65%, is comprised of visual learners and 90% of the information interpreted by the brain is visual. Animation as a medium for marketing taps directly into the visual receptors of the audience’s brain and is able to express comprehensive information in a succinct manner.…
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