8 Places to Post Your Video Now That It’s Done

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Video marketing for your business means to create a video and post your video for your company. Today, video marketing is all about using your video content in your marketing efforts. It’s not just a video, but a lot of video content that is used and retold throughout the buyer’s journey. This is done to attract newcomers, add more followers, nurture more leads, and please repeat customers. 

To help you decide when and where to publish your videos, depending on the stage of your marketing plan. We’ve compiled a list of different places where you can increase your audience, brand. Would like to post your videos to create awareness. And attract more businesses. Let’s go deeper.

Where to post a video no matter what your goal is?

  1. Your Website: No matter where you publish your video content elsewhere online, your videos should be on your website. And we’re not just talking about sharing an “About Us” video. You should create a space, such as a company blog or news page, where you regularly share video content. Not only is it good to have them all in one place but adding videos to your website increases SEO and product understanding as well as sales. 
  2. Your social media account: Your company’s Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram pages are important places to share your latest video content. We’ll go into the details of how to use video on every platform below. But if you’re just starting video marketing and wondering where to show your video, your social accounts are clear. 

Where to post a video to attract more visitors?

  1. Facebook and Instagram: Facebook and Instagram are both technically proprietary channels. This means that posting videos to your account usually engages and feeds people who already have them. However, since advertising on these platforms is an important method of reaching a new audience, it is also important to publish your video on these sites to attract more viewers. Between the two, they are the first and third most popular social media sites in the world.

Where to post videos to attract more followers?

  1. YouTube: Posting your video content on YouTube may seem obvious, as YouTube is the second largest search engine (after Google). The second most popular social media platform, and one of the Internet’s first video platforms. But posting on YouTube doesn’t really mean posting a video and expecting an audience to reach you. While showing ads can be seen as attracting new viewers, posting on YouTube is more about attracting visitors and building a community through continuous uploads to your channel. Try to host your YouTube videos as scheduled (we recommend weekly or bi-monthly), and at the same time use tag features to attract a steady stream of new viewers.
  2. LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a great professional social media tool, and since they started prioritizing videos. Posting videos on your account has become an important indicator of an actively used LinkedIn profile. Instead of using YouTube’s external links, actually embed your content within the LinkedIn platform and your video will reach your maximum contact screens.
  3. Vimeo: Vimeo is one of the most popular and easy-to-use video hosting platforms on the Internet and differs from YouTube in some major ways. Because the Vimeo brand emphasizes creativity and high-quality production. You’ll want to put your best videos on Vimeo to interact with other content creators on the platform who are more technical than the promotional aspects of your content. 

Where to post a video to promote more potential prospects?

  1. Marketing Emails: Email marketing is one of the most powerful drivers of sales conversion because you are marketing to attract potential customers. These are potential clients who are already attracted and engaged. Further, are in the process of thinking and finding reasons not to reject them. By using your video content in email marketing, you can provide more value to convince your customers to approve and give you a chance.
  2. Instagram Stories: Instagram Stories works a little differently than just posting on the main Instagram feed, and so it’s worth thinking differently. Instead of attracting new viewers, Instagram stories are more about developing relationships with your existing followers. This is a great place to preview video or share it in small pieces. D share your daily video content, whether it’s behind-the-scenes footage or quick tips and tricks that you can share on your smartphone. Can be shot and uploaded directly.


And that’s it! There are many other places you can post your video. But use this list as a starting point for any new video content you create. You never know where your content will resonate most with the audience. So, give it a try and see what works!

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