How Video Content Can Transform Your Recruiting Efforts

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For HR teams and hiring managers, the hiring process can be stretched, prepared and, frankly, tedious. From screening to interviewing to vetting candidates, there are many steps that can be taken before your company can hire the right person for the job.

Fortunately, one way you can speed up the process is by adding more videos to each step of the hiring process. Video is a powerful tool that can help you screen candidates, tell your story, and share valuable information with applicants. Here are some ideas for using video content to transform your hiring efforts.

Show Who You Are and What You’re All About

You want to find the right person for the job. But employees want to know they are a good fit for the company. Before signing the offer letter (or going ahead with an interview), they will need more information about what your organization does and why it is the right work environment for them.

Shooting a brand video or group video can provide insight into what it feels like to work for your company. You can also meet hiring managers, executive teams, and other employees on camera. So candidates get a clear picture of the culture and what it’s like to be part of a team.

Candidates who watch video content will get to know your company better. It may feel that they are now heavily invested in the hiring process, and feel connected to the organization.

Stand Out From Your Competitors

Video is a very engaging tool, which means you can use it to grab the attention of candidates as they go through the screening process. Whether your video content consists of a two to three minute job segment or a longer job video, you will be different from other companies that don’t use video content.

To maximize these benefits, you should consider adding some fun elements to your video. This doesn’t mean that your content has to conflict with the brand’s voice or message. But it can be original, fun, and appealing to your culture. Candidates want to connect with you, so let them do so through the video content you share online.

Be More Efficient with Your Process

You may be wondering how a video can make a difference in an act that can often be felt. The beauty of video is that you don’t have to throw out any of your existing steps. But having video content ready can speed up every point of contact with candidates and provide you with an asset that you can use.

Some of the best options here are making a video that meets the standard hiring process and schedule, or making a video that solves frequently asked questions for applicants, a phone screen or pre-interview. Candidates are also asked to withdraw the video.

These videos will remain relevant indefinitely, perhaps until the hiring process changes or the content seems too old to use again. By this time, you’ve probably collected hundreds – or even thousands – of use cases and saved yourself countless hours.

Offer a Sneak Peek at the Job Description

Video is a powerful tool that can help candidates see what it takes to succeed in a role. Just as you can use video content to describe what it’s like to work in your company. You can also show candidates what they would be doing if they joined.

Tell Your Company’s Story

For example, you can introduce this role and what it involves, or show all the interesting parts of the job to the job manager. In both cases, your video content will add value to the applicants by giving them a better idea of ​​what they are doing in this role on a daily basis. This is especially valuable for large organizations that have relatively standard roles, because you can reuse the same content whenever you are hiring for the role in question.

Tell Your Company’s Story

It goes without saying that video content can help you tell your company’s story, but it’s worth repeating. There are many aspects to this, including how you came up with an idea for your business or organization, what makes your products and services unique, why your brand is important to the industry, and you are part of something bigger.

In addition to telling your story, you can also use video content to show candidates how they fit into the photo. They want to know their part in all of this, so let them see it from start to finish – from being affected by a problem or problem in the world to creating something that will affect people in their daily lives.

Make an Impression with Original Social Content

Behind-the-scenes content that shows employees in their daily roles outperforms social media. In addition to helping you attract potential candidates who might be exposed to your brand on social media. It also adds a human element to the brand for consumers and partners.

It’s also a great way to help people who aren’t familiar with your company better understand what makes it different from others in the industry. If you haven’t tried it already, consider working on a few video posts each month related to your recruitment efforts.

Boost Your Search Efforts

Finally, video is an effective way to boost your research efforts and, ultimately, bring in more qualified candidates. The more videos you use on your website, the more likely you are to rank on search pages. Additionally, you can link to video content in your job description to attract more candidates for each open role.

In today’s job market, employers have to work harder than usual to stand out and spark interest in job seekers. Video can only be a secret ingredient that changes your efforts and presents you with the best filter.

Bottom Line

Here are some of the ways you can use video content to transform your hiring efforts. Most importantly, you should remember that video content should be more than what you sometimes share on social media. It’s part of your hiring strategy, job process, and overall candidate experience.

As long as you have a strategy and know what to look for, there is no doubt that video content will benefit your organization. Not only will you see better returns on investment, but you will also be able to build a more positive reputation as a business owner, which is beneficial for every business. Try these tips and tell us how they work for you. You can contact us for high quality videos.

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