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Rooted in the heart of Los Angeles, Pencil Media Production, LLC is a dynamic Digital Marketing and Video Production Agency. Our forte lies in delivering focused digital marketing solutions, inventive website development, and diverse, high-quality videos.

Our clear-cut mission is to boost businesses, enabling their digital growth through quality leads. We penetrate the depths of your brand’s story, crafting narratives that echo with your audience, and utilizing powerful visuals and persuasive messaging to illuminate your brand.

Partnering with us means saving invaluable time, optimizing resources, and unlocking the potential to scale. As your trusted ally, we aim to curate unique digital experiences that propel your success and set you apart.

Our Leadership

Founder & CEO

Founder & CEO

Abdelrahman Sakr

Meet Abdelrahman Sakr, a visionary leader with over 12 years of experience driving marketing excellence and business growth.

As the CEO of Pencil Media Production, LLC since May 2020, Abdelrahman is committed to helping clients generate leads and expand businesses through innovative marketing services. His leadership has positioned Pencil Media Production at the forefront of the industry.

Abdelrahman brings international experience as he has led high-quality projects across global locations, nurturing talent fostered a culture of innovation and elevating industry standards.

Abdelrahman’s commitment to empowering fellow creatives and driving growth underscores his influential position. With a track record of success, a passion for collaboration, and an unwavering dedication to media innovation, he continues to shape the industry’s landscape.

Our Team

Meet Our Team


Asim Mubashir

Operations Manager

Kamil Shoukat

Head of Performance Marketing

Wardah Umer

Digital Marketing Manager

Huzaifa Riaz

Senior Website Developer

Mohammad Rizwan

Senior Graphic Designer

Pedro Ocampo

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