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Email marketing is one of the many ways to connect with your audience and build a business, but it’s a method that almost every brand uses today and in this era. And while there’s always been talk of e-marketing being irrelevant to more high-tech channels, the truth is that it’s a classic for a reason: it works and it’s relatively simple and inexpensive. cost channel.

If you are hoping to run your own email marketing channels, it is not wise to include video content. Of the hundreds of emails that many people receive in a single day, only a handful will likely include videos. When you combine this ability to stand out from the crowd with the dynamic, attention-grabbing nature of video, it’s easy to see why companies use videos in email communication to get such good results.

With this end goal in mind, let’s take a closer look at the latest best practices for getting the most out of your video/email combo.

Options for Incorporating Video in Email Content

The number one concern we hear about using video in email marketing is that it’s very hard to spot. Most major email providers (including Google and Outlook) do not currently support a feature that allows embedding your video directly, and finding the right solution for your needs can be difficult.

Here’s a brief overview of your options – and don’t worry, it’s easier said than done.

Option 1: Use a Play Button on a Still Image

The most common way to “embed” your video is to place the play button graphic on top of your video’s still image. Adding a play button makes the image look like a video, and if your subscribers are interested in the topic of the video, they will click play.

On the back, make sure the image is clickable and redirects to the full video, either on the landing page or on hosting platforms like YouTube or Vimeo. We often use this option in Pencil Media, and we can confirm that it leads to better results and improves our email matrix.

Option 2: Use a GIF

Your second option is to use GIF to give the illusion of embedding the full video. If you really have a short video, you might be able to convert everything into a GIF that can then be added as an image. If your content is long, select a few moments that are more appealing, and create a GIF that will act as a teaser for the full content.

This option works well when you really want to emphasize the dynamic nature of your video content. Unlike the first option, the use of GIF will ensure that your content actually travels within the email, which can help make it stand out in a packed inbox.

Again, make sure the GIF is clickable and clicking redirects to the full version of the video.

Option 3: Use a Third-Party Software Tool

Last but not least, there are third-party software tools that promise to include full videos in your email access. If you follow this path, be sure to check every email you send to make sure it is actually performing the required performance. Many email service providers do their best to block full videos within email content as a protection against spam, so when you create a new video-enabled email you should review the subscriber experience Will

Email Video Marketing Best Practices

Now that you know how to handle video logistics, let’s talk about the best ways to maximize the value of your video email efforts.

Keep It Short

Unless you have a good reason to include a long video in your email, keep email videos short. Your audience will most likely see the video content as they work through their inbox, and won’t want to spend more than a minute or two digesting your message.

When in doubt, imagine being on the receiving end of an email during the busiest part of your work day. If you don’t watch the entire video, don’t expect your audience to watch it either.

Track Video and Email Metrics

Next, be sure to track your video and email metrics for each campaign you send out. For video, you’ll want to look at metrics like watch time and video completion rate. You can use this information to gauge whether the topic of the video is relevant to your audience and whether there is a special part of the video at the end of the interaction.

Towards email, you’ll need to keep track of all the standard metrics: open rates, click rates, and possibly the time it takes to view the email. Be sure to compare metrics between video emails and non-existent emails to see if you’re seeing a trend. If your audience is more into it, you should know that adding videos improves the average email performance.

Have a Clear CTA

It is important to have a clear CTA in both your video and your email to direct subscribers to take specific action. By including a CTA in the video itself, you’ll make sure your viewers know what to do next, even if they don’t email back after the video is over.

It’s also a great way to test whether you’re choosing the right video for your general email. If the video CTA does not match the required email CTA, your campaign concept may need to be rearranged.

Test Different Types of Email/Video Combinations

As you develop your email video marketing skills, don’t be afraid to experiment with multiple combinations of video and email types. A company review video can work well with a recruiting email, and a product video can work in a promotional email. Mix and match the content of your videos and emails, and you might be surprised to unlock funky combinations that work just as well.

Personalize Video Content for Specific Emails

Finally, while all of the above options work well for broad email reach, don’t forget the power of using personalized video content in specific emails and one-to-one communications.

If your sales and customer support teams often email people (as they often do), you can use the same process above to ’embed’ your personalized video content directly. on another one recipient. It’s a great way to build relationships with your audience and provide an experience that transcends and transcends stagnation.

Final Thoughts

Video and email marketing venues are constantly evolving, and we’re likely to see big changes in the coming years – including the ability to embed entire videos directly into local email platforms. Whether or not this option is available, the above tips will help you take your email access to the next level. And if you need video content to use in your emails, our company is always there to help!

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