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Over half of the population, nearly 65%, is comprised of visual learners and 90% of the information interpreted by the brain is visual.

Animation as a medium for marketing taps directly into the visual receptors of the audience’s brain and is able to express comprehensive information in a succinct manner. Just as with learning a language, animation allows learning by association. In addition to hearing about stats, graphs, charts, and data, we see them visually expressed and are able to connect with ideas and messages more easily.

To understand why animated content might be the right step for you to take next with your business and marketing plans, read on:

The Benefits of Animated Video Features

The benefit of animation is those complex ideas have the support of a visual medium to express them. Think of a simple example, that our bodies are comprised of 60% water. Saying that is easy enough and most people can imagine what 60% looks like—a little over half.

The advantage of animation is in saying that same “60% water” factoid while overlaying an image of an empty human silhouette being filled up by 60% water. The imagery is clear and the idea is more easily able to stick with the audience. For a single example, that might feel superfluous, but if you’re trying to get across multiple points of information or ideas, words alone can be hard for an audience to follow.

For example, what if in addition to 60% water you are also leaning on the specifics of the brain and heart having 73% water, the lungs nearly 83%, the skin 64%, the muscles and kidneys 79%, and finally the bones nearly 31%. Listing out those facts make them hard to comprehend, but listing them in conjunction with an animated visual representation gets the information across immediately.

Types of Animated Features and When to Use Them

When it comes to your business marketing content, there are a number of animated options available. Finding the right one for your business is the key to making a great return and casting a net for the widest audience or refining your direction to a target audience.

Full Animation

A fully animated feature is perfect for a commercial for your business. It can help immensely with brand marketing and promotional videos that get people engaged with the style your brand represents. It’s also immensely helpful for explainer videos as mentioned—getting across complex ideas in a short amount of time.

Whiteboard Videos

Whiteboard animation tells a creative story by having the ideas drawn on a whiteboard. It’s perfect for telling a story and augmenting that story with graphs or charts. Whiteboard videos are ideal for presentations or video essay-type content.

Motion Graphic Videos

These videos are much less about conveying information than expressing a feeling. A motion graphic video might be compounded with music or flashy effects to engross the viewer and entice them to see how a specific product might offer a specific result.

Typography Videos

In some of the simpler animated videos, typography consists of expressing emotion through words on a screen. They can use kinetic movement to show words in motion, growing, shrinking, or racing to convey a specific idea with little more than words used in an emotive manner.

Hybrid Videos

Hybrid videos are sort of a catch-all for the various types of animation used in conjunction with a live-action speaker. A hybrid video might have someone speaking adorned by graphs, charts, or information—similar to a newscast. Additionally, a hybrid video could be something augmented by a screencast (recording of the computer screen) with commentary from a person. This type of video is extremely popular on Youtube with one of the most popular forms being a Live-Action Screencast.


When it comes down to it, we absorb material fastest and most effectively through visual mediums in an information age. While that can mean any number of video content options, the benefit of animation video features specifically in brand marketing or business content are numerous and well worth taking advantage of.

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