Video Marketing in 2021

Largely due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 saw a massive increase in time spent watching videos
online. People spent nearly 100 minutes on any given day scrolling through video content on their
phones or computers. That’s an increase of over 16 minutes on average from the previous year.

The takeaway: there are now 16 more minutes of possible sales and customer conversions through
video marketing content. The difficulty is determining what type of content will garner the most traffic
and promote the most engagement.

In that regard, we’ve compiled the most popular video marketing trends for 2021. But first:

What is Video Marketing?

At its core, video marketing is a strategy for businesses to design videos made to increase awareness,
engagement, and sales. Video marketing trends in 2021 not only point to a more active consumer base
but also offers specified content ideas to incorporate into your own marketing plan. First on the list:

Live Stream Videos

More seminars were held last year in Zoom Calls than actual conference rooms or classrooms. Because
of that, people became more accustomed and less picky about live-stream video content. The buffering
hiccups and slightly worse resolution didn’t matter if the content was relevant and well-designed.
With that, live stream videos have become a great way to involve the community directly with the
business. They’ve been used for product launches, meetings, events, and just as a way to directly
connect with the consumer. Admittedly, live stream videos can come across as less refined and more
‘off the cuff’ content—however, it is encouraged to plan your live video streams in as much detail as you
would any content. Make consistent outlines, plan ahead, and don’t let small mistakes impact success.

Snippet Advertising Through Social Media

Another way to garner success in video content is by having the consumer work for you.

Fans of products are often making short videos on things they like. While it can be free promotion for them to talk about
your business on an Instagram story or a Tik Tok video—reaching out to them to make sure you can
make conversions on the promoted ad is a of mutual benefit between your business and the creator.
Reach out, engage with the community that engages with your product, and find ways to have the world
of social media market for you. There’s a lot of opportunities to make big returns with little overhead.

E-Learning Videos

Almost 65% of Youtube users search for ‘How To’ videos to solve any given problem at home.

If the product you have can help them achieve some DIY result, or information you offer can lead them
toward success—they will come to rely on the content you make for the long-term.
In whatever method you can, use your business to educate your consumer base as a means of garnering
interaction, trust, and continued support for your channel or business.

Staying Connected

COVID-19 forced many industries to evolve, and video content became one of the only ways to connect
a disconnected world. Although 2021 is hopeful to move away from shut-downs and industries working
from home, the pandemic has still fundamentally shifted how we absorb content and connect.
Staying ahead of the curve on video marketing trends and adapting to the changes is the best way for
your business not only to grow your consumer base but connect with them and build your community.

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