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When it comes to attracting prospective customers, there are few methods better to let an audience understand your brand than video. Used effectively, the video will not only establish what sets your brand apart but encourage relationships with your audience through its engagement.

As nearly eight out of ten people will make a purchase based on a brand video, and in 2021 more people are watching video content than ever—there’s never been a better time to develop your brand through video content and marketing. To help out, here are our Best Ways to Show Your Brand with Video:

Know Your Brand Identity

Einstein said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” Knowing your brand identity means being able to give an elevator pitch that shows why your business stands apart from the rest. When it comes to a video specifically, knowing your brand identity is the through-line that binds all of your content together.

Even if you don’t fully understand your brand right off the bat, or it takes a little longer than thirty seconds to express its complexity—video content is a method by which you can build your brand as well.

Define Your Audience

Who is your prospective customer? Who is your target audience? Create a customer persona for all of your videos. A person who you are designing the video for created through data metrics and an understanding of what demographic your content is catered to.

Refine Your Objective

Each video might have a different goal. It might promote a product or it might be informational. Is it to drive sales? Is it to spread awareness? Whatever it is, have a clear objective in mind with each video and try not to put too much weight on any one video. Consistent content is key to developing a brand.

Express Your Unique Voice

Knowing your brand identity allows you to create a distinguishing voice for it.

That brand voice can be expressed in many ways, but the most effective in video content will come through the style of your editing, scripting, and content assets.

While not everyone can hire professional editors or scriptwriters, everyone can find assets for their videos that promote their brand. Understanding consistent color tones, formatting, cinematic language, and targeted speech patterns can all help to convey a unified vision.

Stay Consistent

Regardless of anything else, the most important thing to be with video content is consistency. Don’t expect the viral push on your very first video. Create consistently engaging content that attracts your target audience and always set the standard of publishing at the highest bar you are able.

To keep consistent not only in your productivity but in your brand identity, there are two easy things you can add to any video:

Intro and Outro

An intro and outro to each video, whether through graphics, music, or language can help create a pattern for a viewer. They can hear that jingle or that voice or see that logo and know exactly what kind of video they are in for.

Watermark Logo

One last thing to add to every video is a watermark logo. This logo should be visible on all your video content in any corner you choose. The key is that it is transparent and unobtrusive enough to not distract from the actual content. This logo ensures that any time your video is used in reference or shared—people always know where to go to look for more engaging content.


Sharing your brand through video means understanding exactly what that identity entails and using video as a method to express it. Refining your brand might not happen all at once, but there are steps you can take to create a solid foundation to build upon.

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