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Creating video content to let your target audience know about your brand is one of the best ways to promote your business and grow.

That being said,

determining which types of videos to make, or what specifically to include in your content can often be a little overwhelming.

There’s always going to be a difference between professional-level video work and content you can create yourself

and distinguishing between when to use the two can help create a consistently active content model. To make the creative process a little easier,

Here are a few examples of What Types of Videos You Can Make for Your Business:


Commercials are the bread and butter of any business marketing plan but also the form of video content that needs a professional touch.

Wherever you have the ability to place a commercial, on television, through apps, or in online ads,

the goal is to attract the widest audience for your particular brand.

Where more personal informational videos on your platform can show working environments and offer day-to-day practices

a commercial holds with it the expectation of a traditional advertisement.

In that regard,

unless you happen to be a cinematographer or animator on the side—it’s best to hire out for your commercials.

Social Media Videos

Where commercials necessitate a professional touch, social media videos can be a little more flexible.

They can encompass anything from daily story posts to informationals, to product launches and the expectation for them is far less stringent.

Though it’s extremely important to plan social media content based on your target audience and customer personas,

It’s also a great opportunity to express your brand on a more direct, personal level without needing precise editing or cinematic shots.

Testimonial Videos

To add to the audience engagement provided by social media content, testimonial videos could not be closer.

The goal of a testimonial is to give people an honest representation of your business from a customer you’ve actually helped with it.

Yes, there are testimonials where actors are hired to play the place of customers—but the content or reviews they are expressing are synonymous.

Testimonials are a way to tell the community about your business from the voices of the community itself.


Animations or animated shorts are another, more professional method of expressing video content.

While there are a number of ways to use them,

the most common are for expressing complex ideas with graphs, images, or in an attempt to invoke an emotional response.

Animations are, of course, an example of professional video content, but they’re also a sure-fire way of expressing professionalism in your business.

Corporate Film (Corporate Short Documentary)

The last type of video is less frequent

but it’s a wonderful piece of content to use in tandem with a new product launch.

On one hand, a corporate film can be informational

films for the actual corporations—films that express complex topics inside the business and are shown during seminars or meetings.

On the other hand, a short documentary could be a wonderful possibility to show off your business in action.

It’s an in-depth look behind the scenes at the work that went into designing, creating, and distributing your newest product.

While these types of videos work best in long-form,

getting the right content team to help you express your vision professionally, but still on a personal level, is invaluable.


Finding the right video content for your business can take a lot of planning. If you’re just starting out,

we encourage that you find a video content business that can guide you from the ground up.

After all,

there’s no better time to start building your brand

and expressing what your business strives to do differently than right at the very beginning.

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